300 – “This is shadeguide!”


When the 300 spartan soliders gathered in the valley to defend the advancing persian army they knew they had a fight on their hands.

Could a small efficient army out do the might of the larger empire?

In the end sadly no, they couldn’t.

But they inspired something that lead to a movement that brought great prosperity to their people.


300 Dental products now on shadeguide.com.au

Shadeguide.com.au the dental supplier comparison and ordering portal has a milestone to celebrate.

Since first opening to trade we have added over 300 products with most of these coming online in the last month.

By allowing our suppliers to directly add and edit their data we have seen a huge growth in the range available.


A Prosperous time

By giving each clinic stock manager more time and a better resource to make decisions we hope that practice by practice we can make a prosperous change.

Our small website is fast, efficient and well organised – just like the spartan 300!

As more products are added we hope the movement will continue to grow with suppliers and practices alike empowered to be able to better provide for the people who depend on their business.