5000 dental products to compare on Shadeguide.com.au

You may have noticed that the range available on shadeguide.com.au has grown massively of late.

In fact we are now home to around 5000 dental products with more being added every day.

This means that for the first time general dental practices from around Australia have the opportunity to quickly compare and order dental products form many suppliers best prices instantly.

No more ringing around and clogging up the phone, no more haggling with reps over your lunch break to save a few cents off massively marked up prices.

No more.

ShadeGuide gives independent dental practices what they have been looking for. A fair and free market to go shopping at for one of their biggest business expenses annually.

And besides just money savings think of the time that your stock purchaser had to spend shopping around and then getting on the phone and ordering! 3 hours per week at least if you add it up. A considerable lag on you business is now gone and clinics are saving up to $10,000/year by making the switch.

If you are interested in saving some money on dental supplies and saving over 100 man hours a year ordering then give our Sales manger Dr David Houston a call on 0417162622 or send us an email at [email protected]