Enpower your dental supplies

Empowerment through Enpower (..ment)

Throughout history people have fought for social change.

Be it greater equality, peace or freedom the will of the people has prevailed.

When the crowd yearns for something, the will of the people will triumph.

And so it was when our 5th dental supply company joined the movement that is Shadeguide.com.au


Enpowering Dental Practices

With the addition of Enpower Dental Supplies to our growing stable of products the movement to a fair, open and fast dental product ordering platform is picking up momentum.

A family business dedicated to value and service we are delighted to allow the good people of this dental practice nation the chance to purchase from their extensive range.

The journey is not always going to be easy, there will be challenges along the way.

But to the time poor practices managers of Australia.

“We shall overcome and make buying dental supplies easy”


Interested in becoming a supplier?

If you have a favourite supplier and want them on Shade Guide ask them to join via the link below.

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