John Street Dental Redcliffe buying dental supplies through Shade

Feedback Trials underway continues to develop its offering of products from a multitude of dental suppliers.

But the besides the range we also wish to stand out in functionality when it comes to buying dental products.

Thats why we feel our initial feedback has been so rewarding.


John Street Dental Trial 

John Street Dental Redcliffe in Queensland has kindly offered to test our site throughout its development.

Speaking to practice manager Cheryl we were delighted to hear how she felt.

“Front desk is a bit like Grand Central Station most days so it is great to be able to order online from a site I can easily find my way around.”

“Some suppliers have a website but I just love getting a good deal so usually I’ll make few calls to shop around when it is quiet. But I often don’t have the time or don’t wish to clog up the phone.”

“Shadeguide is great, it just needs more products really. I tell all the reps who visit -“hurry up and get your products on there so we can buy them” haha” 

“Each week it gets a bit easier to buy dental supplies on there so personally I cant wait until everything is on there.”


List your Dental Products has burst through the $1000 in orders mark with much more to come.

If you are interested in listing your dental products and generating new sales please click this link.