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Kerr Herculite Ultra Composite Universal Nanohybrid


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Product Description

Optimum handling –non slumping
•Proven 25 years experience –250 million teeth filled
•Ideal for posterior and anterior restorations
•High wear resistance
•Maintains lifelike luster over time.

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A1 Enamel, A2 Enamel, A3 Enamel, A3.5 Enamel, A4 Enamel, B1 Enamel, B2 Enamel, B3 Enamel, B4 Enamel, C1 Enamel, C2 Enamel, C3 Enamel, C4 Enamel, D2 Enamel, D3 Enamel, D4 Enamel, A2 Dentin A3 Dentin, B1 Dentin, Light Incisal, XL


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