Why is it not easy to Buy Dental Supplies?

Mum, why am I here?

We have all asked our mums this question sometime in our life.

The answer is a complicated one.

But for shadeguide.com.au the answer is quite simple.

To solve a problem that every dental practice manager faces, every single week.

To make it easy for dental practices to Buy Dental Supplies.

“Can you quickly buy these 37 items, thanks”

Now currently to purchase stock,  you need invest around 2-3 hours a week.

– Calling supplier A, B and C

– Email supplier D, E and F

– Waiting for the Rep from Supplier H and I to do their weekly rounds.

– Trying to decipher the online shop of Suppliers J and K.

Meanwhile the phone is not being answered and the patients are not being served.

That is the problem Shade Guide was designed to solve.

To make it fast and easy to the best Buy dental supplies for your practice.

It began as an impossible dream…

Imagine a site where ALL the products from ALL the suppliers are listed.

Where you can quickly make the smartest choice.

“Wow I didn’t even know that other suppliers sold that”

“Wow look at the value price on that”

“Wow look at the testimonials for this brand, I think I’ll give it a go”

The shopping cart is full of the very best dental supplies at the best prices.

From the S-house to the Penthouse

But wait, we have to order. From 10 different suppliers, this is the hard part.

Mentally you gear up to make 10 calls or emails. For what will end up a taking 2 hours.

Clog up the phone and chew up energy that should be spent on excellent customers service.

Then you click [order] ….and it is done.

Thats it.


In a click.

10 emails fly off to the respective suppliers with respective orders.

Some old and some new ones who will no doubt sign your practice up and invoice you as normal.

Where have you been all my life?

Shadeguide.com.au will save your practice time and money.

It will let you buy dental supplies like we should in the 21st century.

It is an open comparison and ordering portal for dental products in Australia.

It has 3 suppliers with more being added every week.

It is free service for practices to use and suppliers to advertise their products on.

Mum I’ve met someone

Shadeguide.com.au – the easiest way to buy dental supplies. 

Suppliers: Email [email protected] to add your products.

Dental Practices: Try it and see for your self