About Us

What is Shade Guide? 

Shade Guide.com.au allows your business to:

  • Compare 30+ Australian dental suppliers’ products
  • Order from multiple suppliers in a single shopping cart
  • Track the progress/status of your order from each supplier

For Practice Managers: Saves time and energy ordering comparing, calling, ordering and tracking many suppliers orders.

For Practice Owners: Saves money as the best value products can be found and selected easily.

For Dentists: Allows quick and easy research over what product options are available to best serve your patients.

For Dental Students: Creates a place to learn and understand the numerous product categories and what is available.



“Since using shade guide I have seen our clinic product expenses drop by 30% and I have saved hours on the phone calling around to order products and track progress.”

“I cannot imagine not using shade guide, it would be depressing to have to go back to the old way of doing things”

                                                                                             – Anita Roe, Australia Dental Clontarf, QLD


Meet The ShadeGuide.com.au Team


Dr David Houston – General Manager & Supplier Relations (Co-founder)

Frustrated by the painfully outdated, slow and expensive way dental supplies were being ordered at his 4 practices, Dr Dave Houston decided to do something about it and started shade guide.com.au in 2015.

“Shade Guide was a hobby that turned into a passion project. To bring together all the data from the dental supply industry in Australia for the benefit of clinics like mine was the dream.

“With each new clinic and supplier that gets involved the dream is becoming a pretty cool reality.”


Josh Anthony – Lead Developer

Josh is the lead developer at Shade Guide, before Shade Guide he co-founded Two Hoots, an online platform to help consumers resolve complaints with big brands.

He also cofounded Agile Rostering, a staff management application for the restaurant industry.

“Shade Guide allows users to compare prices, order quickly and track the status of multiple orders on one dashboard.”

“As a project I through it was really cool and have enjoyed the challenge of making such a large scale online tool perform better.”


Richard Eastes – Technical Consultant (Co-founder)

Richard helped lead the team that grew VroomVroomVroom.com.au from a startup into a business with $60 million in sales per year. It is like ShadeGuide.com.au but for car rental comparison. It went on to become widely popular in Australia and the USA. Richard is also the developer of the VR plank game, Richie’s Plank Experience.

“Building the initial version of Shade Guide was fun. Fun because the need for a site like this to someone outside the industry is so obvious.”

“It solved both an informational and operational problem for dental clinics. It has been a thrill to see this project come to life.”



Carl Burroughs – Marketing Consultant

Carl runs the company Integrated Dental Marketing which has the task of telling the 8000 practices in Australia about shade guide.

He has offered continued support and introductions across the dental industry.

“It is a great platform for clinics to save both money and time, it just makes it easier.”

“IDM’s task is  to tell everyone how it works, how they benefit and how they can save.”



Lisa – Customer Relations

Lisa found out about shade guide through a facebook job advert and jumped on board.

She runs the business The Autoclave Calibration Company and works with her extensive catchment of clinics in Victoria and Tasmania.

“I always felt a site like shade guide was needed in the dental supply industry to make life a little easier for practice managers and owners” 

“I now listen to user feedback and together we use this to optimise shade guide to make it better”