5000 dental products to compare on Shadeguide.com.au

You may have noticed that the range available on shadeguide.com.au has grown massively of late.

In fact we are now home to around 5000 dental products with more being added every day.

This means that for the first time general dental practices from around Australia have the opportunity to quickly compare and order dental products form many suppliers best prices instantly.

No more ringing around and clogging up the phone, no more haggling with reps over your lunch break to save a few cents off massively marked up prices.

No more.

ShadeGuide gives independent dental practices what they have been looking for. A fair and free market to go shopping at for one of their biggest business expenses annually.

And besides just money savings think of the time that your stock purchaser had to spend shopping around and then getting on the phone and ordering! 3 hours per week at least if you add it up. A considerable lag on you business is now gone and clinics are saving up to $10,000/year by making the switch.

If you are interested in saving some money on dental supplies and saving over 100 man hours a year ordering then give our Sales manger Dr David Houston a call on 0417162622 or send us an email at [email protected]


Dental Supply Update

Dental Supply Site Up and Running

We are excited to announce that the there are now over 5000 dental products on shade guide from 12 suppliers!

This means that our clinics are now able to complete around 95% of their weekly order through this free to use portal.

Shadeguide.com.au allow any practice to instantly search by category or keyword for the product they need.

From there you can instantly compare the prices and testimonials from up to 12 different suppliers.

The best dental products as judged by you end up in your shopping cart and from there you just click order.

An email is then sent to each individual supplier with their individualised order. They email you back to say it has been received.

Then you wait for delivery and invoice as normal. (Some suppliers are able to deliver within 24hours! Well done VP Dental!)

If your curious about shadeguide give it a go, its free and as you get the best price, you literally have nothing to lose!
Dr David Houston – Shade Guide General Manager

So many gloves to choose from

Having trouble deciding on which gloves to choose from? At these prices you can try a few and re-order your favourite.

XDW lets you buy dental supplies on Shade Guide

Xcellent Dental World 

XDW has become the 9th Dental supplier to start to add their dental products to shadeguide.com.au

Based in Victoria this growing business boasts xcellent value and quality products.

We are excited to have them on board as our product range and depth in each category continues to expand.

“Six months ago having 9 suppliers sign up was a bit of a dream, yet today here we are.” Richard Eastes Head of Development said.

With nearly 400 products on sale we are proud to offer the dental community more choice and value than ever before.

“We would like to thank our growing number of dental clinics as well that are turing their ordering from a chore to a piece of cake by using shade guide each week.”

If you are interested in a listing products or a live demo at your clinic please contact [email protected]



LP Paper Suppliers Join the Movement

LP Paper suppliers – one of Australia’s leading direct importers of paper goods for the dental and medical industries have signed up to display their products on shadeguide.com.au

“We are really excited to give dental clinics the choice to buy our products off shade guide.”

From humble beginnings their business has been built upon excellent value, reliable products and outstanding customers service.

“We can see the potential for shade guide to contribute to our business and help dental clinics save a lot of time in years to come, so we jumped on board.” LP Director of Sales said.

Look out for LP Paper products to appear shortly.


“If it’s about buying dental supplies, why call it Shadeguide?”

“If its about buying dental supplies – why call it Shadeguide?”

I got this question the other day as at first glance the name can appear a little random.

Superficially they really don’t have too much to do with each other.

Buy dig a bit deeper and you may agree, it makes perfect sense.


Where it all began

At the first meeting of the development team we knew what we wanted to create.

A simple, free, easy to use site that let you compare and buy from multiple dental suppliers instantly.

“Is there anything in dentistry where you compare a range of choices?” Richard asked.

“And then select the appropriate match?”

Yes, yes there is.

A shade guide.

A wide range of choices, often quite similar.

But with an ideal match to be found.

Bang on.



Over time we hope to expand the theme of shade guide with a shade based ranking system for products and service.

One day we even dream of the site looking like a shade guide itself.

So next time you run your eyes along the choices available on an actual shade guide, think of us and our choice of dental products to buy.

In the mean time enjoy buying your products the easy way!



300 – “This is shadeguide!”


When the 300 spartan soliders gathered in the valley to defend the advancing persian army they knew they had a fight on their hands.

Could a small efficient army out do the might of the larger empire?

In the end sadly no, they couldn’t.

But they inspired something that lead to a movement that brought great prosperity to their people.


300 Dental products now on shadeguide.com.au

Shadeguide.com.au the dental supplier comparison and ordering portal has a milestone to celebrate.

Since first opening to trade we have added over 300 products with most of these coming online in the last month.

By allowing our suppliers to directly add and edit their data we have seen a huge growth in the range available.


A Prosperous time

By giving each clinic stock manager more time and a better resource to make decisions we hope that practice by practice we can make a prosperous change.

Our small website is fast, efficient and well organised – just like the spartan 300!

As more products are added we hope the movement will continue to grow with suppliers and practices alike empowered to be able to better provide for the people who depend on their business.




V (Dental) is for Victory!

7th Heaven for Dental Supplies

In another outstanding development the V Dental supply company have signed on as our 7th supplier for Shade Guide.com.au!

This means all over the nation practices will be able to see their exceptional range of dental supplies.

Buying has never been easier with multiple suppliers now listed on the site for practice managers convenience.

We are the easiest way to find the best price and quality dental suppliers – we are Shadeguide.com.au


V Dental 

V Dental have a unique range of Voco products, uniforms and other hard to find stock resources that practices around Australia.

We look forward to working with their great team to best integrate their data.

Thanks V Dental – Victory will be ours!