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Noflame Plus – Electric Bunsen Burner


Product Description

The Noflame Plus is suitable for most types of waxing up and eliminates the need for conventional Bunsen burners in the laboratory as well as alcohol/gas burners in the dental practice by using the tried and tested induction technique. It heats the instrument just as quickly as a Bunsen Burner and heats larger instruments even more quickly. As Noflame Plus only heats instruments containing steel, it is impossible to burn oneself on the exterior or inside the unit. Another advantage of the induction technique is that there is no carbon residue left on the modelling instrument during heating, which prevents contamination of the modelling wax. A plastic protective cap keeps the coil opening clean. Unlike a Bunsen burner, the Noflame Plus does not require gas supply and technicians can continue to use their normal modelling instruments in the usual manner.

Safe operation since it shuts off when overheated and reactivates automatically after removing the cause.

Mobile and immediately operational, no gas required
Handling as usual, no adjustment required
Eliminates the risks of getting burned or causing fire
No heat emission into the environment; does not consume oxygen
Clean, i.e. no soot particles on instrument and/or material
Ideal conditions, to be used even at the dental office
Saves 75% of energy expenses, saves the environment


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