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Electric Induction Heater


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Product Description

  • flNo Flame
  • Safe and Efficient!
  • Intelligent tool fo dental specialist!


  • The Electric Induction Heater enables sculpturing work without the need for a conventional Bunsen burner. The sculping instrument is heated in seconds by a high-frequency magnetic field, making it impossible to burn yourself as only the metal parts of the instrument are heated. The safety measures required for conventional Bunsen burners are no longer needed. The electric Induction Heater is compact, requiring very little working space, and is very easy to clean.

Main Features:

  • These products are mainly used in dental laboratories and dental clinics. They are high quality, energy efficient, time saving, safe, and very easy to use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage / Frequency : 220V / 50Hz
  • Standby input power : 2W
  • Rated input power : 130W
  • Safety rating : IP20


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