XDW lets you buy dental supplies on Shade Guide

Xcellent Dental World 

XDW has become the 9th Dental supplier to start to add their dental products to shadeguide.com.au

Based in Victoria this growing business boasts xcellent value and quality products.

We are excited to have them on board as our product range and depth in each category continues to expand.

“Six months ago having 9 suppliers sign up was a bit of a dream, yet today here we are.” Richard Eastes Head of Development said.

With nearly 400 products on sale we are proud to offer the dental community more choice and value than ever before.

“We would like to thank our growing number of dental clinics as well that are turing their ordering from a chore to a piece of cake by using shade guide each week.”

If you are interested in a listing products or a live demo at your clinic please contact [email protected]