“If it’s about buying dental supplies, why call it Shadeguide?”

“If its about buying dental supplies – why call it Shadeguide?”

I got this question the other day as at first glance the name can appear a little random.

Superficially they really don’t have too much to do with each other.

Buy dig a bit deeper and you may agree, it makes perfect sense.


Where it all began

At the first meeting of the development team we knew what we wanted to create.

A simple, free, easy to use site that let you compare and buy from multiple dental suppliers instantly.

“Is there anything in dentistry where you compare a range of choices?” Richard asked.

“And then select the appropriate match?”

Yes, yes there is.

A shade guide.

A wide range of choices, often quite similar.

But with an ideal match to be found.

Bang on.



Over time we hope to expand the theme of shade guide with a shade based ranking system for products and service.

One day we even dream of the site looking like a shade guide itself.

So next time you run your eyes along the choices available on an actual shade guide, think of us and our choice of dental products to buy.

In the mean time enjoy buying your products the easy way!